Hydraulics/Fluid Power has vast adaptation all around the world and the industry is advancing every day by implementing the latest technologies and trends. WHYPS(Worldwide Hydraulic Professionals) is a “Common Platform for the Hydraulic Peoples” for sharing every single piece of information related to the hydraulic industry and makes it possible for others to learn all updates of the hydraulic industry without spending much time. As an information provider, WHYPS regularly gets updated with the relevant industry information. All these details are taken from verified and trusted sources and our expert team summarizes it into 60-words without compromising on the quality of information.


WHYPS is a major online platform for the hydraulic industry, that delivers every happening related to the industry in a 60-words summary(except blogs). This online platform with 60-words shorts will take only one/two seconds for reading and if the reader wants the access of a complete article, he/she will be redirected to that original source in a click. The 60-words sections of WHYPS cover the following sectors:

* Hydraulic industry News
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The basic concept of hydraulics to advanced technologies & trends in hydraulics is discussed in the blog section of WHYPS. The Guest Blogging Posting of WHYPS makes it possible for bloggers to publish their own valuable content on this online platform. Also, the hydraulic industry manufacturers and service providers can publish advertisements or information related to their company, products, and services in WHYPS with the Guest posting module.