Kingda Ka At Six Flags

Kingda Ka At Six Flags The Tallest Roller Coaster

BY Web Desk Apr 27 2019 11:24AM.

Most of us always wish to do something adventurous. If you have a dream to explore the maximum speed and height, then this will be a most thrilling ride. Yeah! I’...

Uses of Hydraulic Press

Top 8 Uses of Hydraulic Press

BY Web Desk Apr 20 2019 10:58AM.

What is a hydraulic press? We can simply state it as a mechanical machine that generates power for compressing metals using hydraulics. In other words,...

Hydrostatic Transmission

What is Hydrostatic Transmission?

BY Web Desk Apr 18 2019 11:37AM.

Transmission of power using interconnected devices from one point to another is called power transmission. Mechanical, electric, hydrodynamic, hydromechanical, and hydr...

Top Thrill Dragster

Top Thrill Dragster- A Roller Coaster With Hydraulic Launch

BY Web Desk Apr 11 2019 3:31PM.

Top Thrill Dragster, the roller coaster in Cedar Point, Sandusky, Ohio is one among the ad...

What is Pascals Law

What is Pascal’s Law?

BY Web Desk Apr 10 2019 10:30AM.

Pascal's law or Pascal’s principle, the backbone of fluid mechanics was discovered over 350 years by a French mathematician Blaise Pascal. It states that the pressure change occurring at any ...