The Amusement Park Ride Round Up and Hydraulics

The Amusement Park Ride Round Up and Hydraulics

When considering the entertainment industry, the included sectors are theater, film, opera, amusement park, etc… Among these entertainment sectors, amusement industry rides will provide a thrilling experience to both children and adults. Most of the rides will take you to experience dangerous situations without compromising on your safety. When it comes to safety, the most preferred power source is hydraulics and this is widely used. Some common rides in the entertainment industry are the Ferris wheel, roller coaster, flight simulators, drop tower, and others. A brief overview of most of these applications was provided in the previous blogs and here we can discuss hydraulics in the Round Up ride.

The Round Up rides are installed in different amusement parks and in the US this ride is popular in the name Meteor or Meteorite. This name mostly resembles its appearance when operating at high speed. When analyzing the history of Round Up, the first version was manufactured by Frank Hrubetz in 1954. After the patent approval, this amusement ride was widely adapted for its appearance and thrilling experience delivered.

This spinning ride has a circular horizontal platform and vertical cage-like wall around the edge. The lighting and arrangement of the Round Up ride make it attractive and eye-catching. The motor and arm are the major hydraulic components that make the ride operating. The horizontal platform is connected to the motor using the arm. The centripetal force generated by spinning will push the riders towards the wall. A chain link is used to secure the riders against the wall. The hydraulic arm connected with the motor will raise or lower the horizontal platform to provide a tilting experience to riders. The hydraulic pressure applied to the components will decide to which extend the platform need to be raised or lowered. In most of the rides, the platform can be lifted up to an angle of 90°. Portable Round Up rides which can be transported from one place to another are also available. Usually, the hydraulic oil is pumped to the cylinder for raising the platform and lowered when the fluid is released.

The hydraulics in amusement park rides will provide accurate control, smooth operation, and safety of riders. When considering hydraulics in Round Up amusement rides, the hydraulic motor enables the horizontal platform to rotate and the hydraulically operated arm will raise the platform vertically up to a 90-degree angle. When the platform spin vertically for a predetermined cycle, the hydraulic fluid will be released from the arm with an automatic timer and the platform will return to the horizontal position. The exit of the platform is aligned correctly with the exit gate by manually controlling the spin when it slows down.

The Zero Gravity manufactured by Dartron in 2003 is one of the modern Round Up rides that delivers high speed, gravity-defying experience. This ride will create an illusion of having increased gravity, which makes it more thrilling for riders. The maximum capacity of this Round Up ride is 33 persons. The ride can be raised in the air at an angle of 70 degrees.

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