What Are the Benefits of Custom Hydraulic Cylinders?

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What Are the Benefits of Custom Hydraulic Cylinders?

One of the commonly used components in most hydraulic systems is the cylinder and it is available in different specifications by various manufacturers. Standard cylinders and custom cylinders are the two important categories of hydraulic cylinders. Most of the standard hydraulic cylinders doesn’t fit perfectly with all the systems. In such requirements, custom hydraulic cylinders are used to make the system run smoothly and perfectly. This is to achieve smooth, precise and accurate system operation.

What are custom-made hydraulic cylinders? Just like the name implies, these cylinders are customized to fit equipment/machine requirements by considering load and lift capacities. It is also possible to design high-performance cylinders based on specific operating conditions. Similar to standard cylinders, custom-made cylinders will also satisfy all industry standards. Mounting options, component materials, design, and efficiency are different factors that are considered while designing custom cylinders.

Custom-made hydraulic cylinders are suitable for lifting and pushing heavy loads. The key difference between the custom-made hydraulic cylinder and the standard hydraulic cylinder are cost and availability. The cost associated with designing, fabricating, and producing custom hydraulic cylinders is comparatively higher than the standard hydraulic cylinder. Also, the custom cylinders need more time to manufacture than standard cylinders.

Custom hydraulic cylinders are built depending on design considerations and application-specific considerations. The factors that are considered while customising a hydraulic cylinder are cylinder bore size, cylinder configurations, mounting styles, piston rod size, rod ends/threading, stroking distance and stop tubing. The application-specific customization includes a design that considers the environment, operating pressure, temperate, flow rate, workload, etc…

The standard hydraulic cylinder itself can be categorized into different types like single-acting and double-acting, heavy-duty and medium-duty, etc… But, custom-made hydraulic cylinders are customized solutions that are built as per the industry standards and guidelines to ensure strength, durability, load capacity, and safety features.

Below mentioned are some of the key benefits of using custom hydraulic cylinders:

  • Improved flexibility with flexible port sizes and locations
  • Longevity of equipment and reduced downtime
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Enhanced integrity under heavy-duty applications
  • Improved productivity, and more

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