Beynon’s Rise-N-Run Hydraulic Banked System

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Beynon’s Rise-N-Run Hydraulic Banked System

Are there any hydraulic applications in the sports industry? Yes, there is. Fitness/Gym equipment are common examples that you might be familiar with. The hydraulic operation in gym equipment will be somewhat familiar to you. So, this article will focus on another unique hydraulic application in the sports industry, which is the hydraulic banked system Rise-N-Run.

The rise-n-run hydraulic banked system from Beynon is hydraulically operated and this enables the coaches and athletes to raise/lower the platform as required. The revolutionary design of this banked system has not just offered unmatched performance and durability but is also ideal for high-speed training and competition. The system contains a retractable steel frame with a custom-built control system. The University of Michigan and the indoor fieldhouse of Virginia Military Institute are two popular locations where the rise-n-run system is implemented. This latest technology will offer full control over the track angle, from flat to full raised.

Hydraulics makes it possible for athletes to develop specific angles of the embankment that counteract the centrifugal force. The concept of arranging the track to the desired angle will achieve unparalleled racing times that improve the athlete performance. The raising and lowering operations of the banked system can be achieved with an easily operatable control panel.

When discussing the design and structure of the rise-n-run system at the University of Michigan, the hydraulically operated track has a length of 200 meters. The lifting and lowering operation is performed with 80 hydraulic cylinders, which are controlled with a programmable HMI. The flexible and strong surface of the track is mostly constructed with polyurethane materials. With the accurate movement of hydraulic actuators, different spots of the track can be inclined from zero to 10 °. Each of the actuators can be raised/lowered only to a small degree and the combined result of multiple actuators will produce the desired operation. Also, the malfunction of any actuator will not affect the entire system. Also, the shock-absorbing cushion will provide a smooth and comfortable experience.

Hydraulic actuators in hydraulic banked systems require pressurized fluid for operation. The pressurized oil flows from the hydraulic pump towards specific actuators with the help of different valves. For these hydraulic tracks, malfunction of an actuator will never cause damage to the entire system. But still, this system needs to be inspected and repaired properly for preventing future issues related to the failure of multiple components or others.

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