Forestry & Agriculture Applications with Hydraulics

Forestry & Agriculture Applications with Hydraulics

Hydraulics can make anything to work smoothly and safely. It is impossible to predict, in which all applications we can utilize hydraulics and how much power it can be generated. When considering the forestry industry, it requires various machinery and tools for performing challenging tasks. Also, it is closely related to many other sectors like wood processing, paper production, construction, printing, and more. The harsh environmental conditions, high safety requirements, and load-bearing capacity are important factors that need to be considered in forestry applications. With hydraulic power, you will be able to achieve all these requirements accurately and effectively.

Machinery for forestry applications with hydraulic components and systems will maximize efficiency and improve the productivity of the job site. Hydraulics will make machines to perform complicated works easily with minimum applied force. When considering the harvesting application, if we are using hydraulic machinery the process can be completed accurately in minimum time compared to that of other traditional operations. Precision, flexibility, consistent performance under high load, speed, improved control options, etc… are other benefits of hydraulic systems. Many heavy-duty machines are popularly used for handling these tasks. The hydraulic machinery for forestry and agriculture applications can be categorized as follows.

Material Handling Application: The forestry and logging industry is related to the movement of heavy loads like timber, soil, stones, etc… Forklift trucks, mobile cranes, telehandlers, and tailgate lifts are important machines that handle these operations. It is the hydraulic circuits connected with the attachments, that control the flow of pressurized hydraulic fluid and manage machinery operation. The fluid is pressurized using one or more gear pumps and this generated force is used for lifting massive loads. Maintaining constant oil pressure will help to stabilize the load under different environmental and operating conditions.

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Harvesting Application: Both the forestry and agriculture industry utilizes harvesters to efficiently harvest grains and different fruits from trees. This self-propelled machine used in forestry application will contain a cutting head attachment for felling, delimbing, and bucking a tree to desired lengths. Timely harvesting, less dependency on laborers, minimized crop loss, etc… are major benefits of using Harvesters. Combine harvesters in the agriculture industry that can combine the reaping, threshing, and winnowing operations in a single-stage will also make use of pressurized oil power. The hydraulic cylinders on equipment attachments and other parts can be controlled using the joysticks located in the machine cab.

Land clearing Application: The land clearing machinery like deck mowers, chippers, mulchers, log jaws, stump grinders, etc… are used in the forestry industry for clearing the ground by removing trees, brush, stumps, and roots. Different land clearing attachments with the integrated hydraulic system will make the overall process easier. When we consider a mower, hydraulics is the driving force for reversing the direction of rotation and controlling the speed.

Field Sprayer Application: Field sprayers are the commonly used machinery in the agriculture industry for applying liquid chemicals to control pests and diseases on plants. The hydraulic sprayers will usually mix the required volume of pesticide with water and release it to the target area through nozzles. Hydraulics will help to distribute the solution uniformly over the plants with sufficient pressure. The field sprayer system will contain a tank, pumps, agitators, pressure gauge, nozzles, power source, and more.

Wood Processing Application: The wood processing industry contains different hydraulic applications like log loaders, buckling saws, debarkers, step feeders, and more.

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