Hydraulic Tools for Underwater Applications

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Hydraulic Tools for Underwater Applications

It is a well-known fact that hydraulics has a large number of applications in every industry. We have already mentioned the applications in different industries such as agriculture, defense, mining, construction, offshore, solar, etc… In this article, more details about hydraulic power tools suitable for underwater applications are mentioned.

Why hydraulic tools are preferred for underwater applications? Hydraulics utilize pressurized fluids for performing several activities and when these systems are used safely in underwater applications, serious issues such as corrosion, overheating, leakage, etc... can be avoided and at the same time it will be possible to generate high power with a minimum external force. For a tool for underwater application, the key parameters that need to be considered are the use of compatible fluid (consider the physical & chemical properties), corrosion-resistant coating for the exposed region, selection of suitable material, proper sealings and fittings to prevent contamination, etc… Previously, there were projects that utilized seawater as a hydraulic fluid for several applications. This approach eliminated the need for reservoir and return lines, which reduced the overall size and weight of the hydraulic system. Such open-circuit systems are called Seawater Hydraulics Powered systems (SHPS).

What are the different hydraulic tools used for underwater applications? There are different operations in subsea and marine industries which includes underwater construction, salvage, and demolition. The tools mostly used are grinders, drills, breakers, wrenches, chainsaws, power packs/power units, chipping hammers, etc… All these tools combinedly are known as underwater power tools and are suitable for shipyards, offshore oil, power plants, and other job sites. Some basic information regarding these tools is discussed here in this article.

Hydraulic Grinders: This tool is ideal for grinding and cleaning in underwater applications and it combines different wheels, brushes, and attachments. Different types of grinders available are horizontal grinders, vertical grinders, peanut die grinders and angle grinders.

Hydraulic Drills: Underwater hydraulic drills are of different types and are available in both handheld and rig-mounted designs. The material to be drilled and the hole size and depth are key parameters that need to be considered while selecting a drill. This tool is ideal for drilling concrete, brickwork, and natural stones.

Hydraulic Breakers: Underwater breakers are used in the diving, marine, and offshore industries for breaking concrete, coral removal, or rod/anchor driving.

Hydraulic Power Packs and Power Units: Underwater hydraulic power packs are used for offering different flow and pressure to different hydraulic tools used in the marine/subsea/offshore industry.

Hydraulic Wrenches: Underwater wrenches are designed to perform the toughest underwater bolting applications.

What are the benefits of using underwater power tools? The most important is, that almost all these power tools are waterproof and can be submerged in water. Also, these tools are compact in size and this makes them portable.

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