surplus center an introduction

Surplus Center- An Introduction

As a hydraulic technician/mechanic, your primary concern while repairing a hydraulic system will be selecting the right match for the system. There are different specifications for every component like size, constructing material, compatibility, etc.. that need to be considered while choosing it. No hydraulic system will run smoothly without matching components. So, it is necessary to find the best-fit match for your application.

Every year, modern trends and technologies in components will arrive to rule the market. This makes the existing products outdated and makes it disappear from the market gradually. If you have any system that uses these outdated components. Replacing its components will be risky because of their unavailability and cost. The Burden’s Surplace Center is the best solution to overcome this risk.

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Since 1933, the family-owned Lincoln business, Surplus Center is a warehouse distributor for different manufacturers like Leeson, PowerTeam SPX, Brand Hydraulics, Lion Hydraulics, etc... You can find most of the components related to pneumatics, electrical, hydraulics, power transmission, engines/automotive, water pumps, wheels/casters, winches, etc.. in Surplus Center inventory. 

Surplus Center purchase products that are from the overstocks, design changes and bankruptcies of manufacturers with a motive to maximize the savings of their customers without sacrificing on the quality. To ensure product reliability, Surplus Center purchases only clean and new merchandise. Some of the used products they sell are quality assured by proper testing and conditioning by the Surplus Center.  Also, they provide 90 days warranty on every hydraulic surplus product they sell.

The Surplus Center products are classified into brand new, new, new takeoff’s and used. The brand new range of products are those purchased directly from the manufacturers with a manufacturers warranty. The new and unused products from the excess inventory of manufacturer come under New products range. Only limited new products will be stocked with a 90 days Surplus Center warranty. The Surplus Center offers 90 days warranty for New Take-offs range of products that are removed from unused machinery. The used product range contains products that were used before. Surplus Center recondition these used products after proper testing and offers a 90 days warranty to those.

Purchase From Surplus Center

The Surplus Center has a large stock of 12,000+ different products that are ready to be delivered. The company distributes these purchased clean, unused, excess or slow-moving merchandises to more than 80 countries worldwide.

Most of the products they sell are stored at the headquarters  Lincoln, Nebraska. Customers can directly purchase products from the Surplus Center inventory. The experienced Surplus Center staffs will assist customers to choose the best-fit products with more savings.

Other than direct purchase, customers can buy products online through call/email by referring to the website or Surplus Center catalog. The daily refreshing website will provide accurate information on the available stock at Surplus Center. The customer support and service for all Surplus Center products are available 24x7.

For online purchases, the payments are accepted via money order, bank draft, cheque, or internet banking. The product delivery will take approximately 5-7 days based on product availability and distance. UPS, priority mail, truck freight, USPS, etc.. are the common shipping and delivery method used by the Surplus Center. The USPS Priority Mail International method is used for international shipping and the corresponding customer is responsible for paying customs fees for that sale.

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