Top Theatre Stages in the World Using Hydraulics

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Top Theatre Stages in the World Using Hydraulics

With hydraulics, you can create wonders. Hydraulic stages are one among that wonder that mesmerizes the viewers. Previously, hydraulics in theatre stages were limited but now, the stage hydraulics is the factor that makes the performance live. The entry of characters, changing of backdrops, the lifting and lowering of stages, and other movements make the user feels like they are watching it in real. I.e, they don’t get the feel of an Opera.
How is this magical experience possible with hydraulics? It is because of the smoothness and safety features of hydraulic machines running backstage. The quiet operation makes the viewers more comfortable without any disturbance. Recently, there are so many theatre stages in the world with stage hydraulics utilization. In this blog, some of the major theatre stages are listed.

1. Theatre Royal Drury Lane:

Theatre Royal Drury Lane at London, England is one of the popular and prestigious theatre stages with hydraulic lifts and bridges. The stage hydraulics in this theatre is water-powered at the beginning. The design of this hydraulic bridge at Theatre Royal Drury Lane contains two independent hydraulic-powered rams that support the bridge. When the two rams operate at the same time at a constant speed, then a smooth lifting experience will be offered. At the same time, when these rams operate independently, then a tilting effect is provided. For this stage lifting experience, high-pressure water pipes were connected to the cylinder bottom. The applied water pressure pushes the attached ram upwards and this force raises the bridge. This is the factor behind the working of the hydraulic stage at Theatre Royal Drury Lane.

2. Tobin Center For The Performing Arts:

Tobin Center for the performing arts at San Antonio, Texas is popular for its H-E-B performance hall and adjustable floor. The work of hydraulic integrated performance hall in Tobin Center was completed in 2014 and this performance hall is adaptable to suit any theme for different performances. Gala Venue ® and Orchestra Lifts make this hall unique from other theatre stages. The Gala with the individual-row, seat-riser system allows for transforming the venue to different configurations like cabaret, flat floor, tiered floor auditorium, etc.. to make it compatible with different events. Also, this transformation of hall will take place in 10 to 30 minutes. The orchestra pit of Tobin Center is mounted on hydraulic lifts and this elevator system makes it possible to move every row vertically. With this hydraulic fluid pressure, every 27 rows in the orchestra can be raised/lowered independently from a specific height.

3. Radio City Music Hall(Showplace of the Nation):

The entertainment venue, Radio City Music Hall at 1260 Avenue of the Americas, New York City has the world’s largest movable stage implemented using hydraulic equipment and controls. This is an indoor theatre opened on December 27, 1932, and it was one of the greatest achievement of the theatrical world at that time. This hall system consists of four moveable platforms, where one among the four platform carries the orchestra’s bandwagon and the other three platform stages move with hydraulics power. These three hydraulically actuated platforms can be operated independently or together based on the staging performance requirements. The hydraulic fluid used for this stage lifting is specially treated water. This pressurized water is passed through pipes to raise or lower stages weighing tons.

4. Bolshoi Theatre:

The historic Bolshoi Theatre at Moscow, Russia uses modern stage control system for offering magical stage performances. The hydraulic, electromechanical, and hybrid drives implemented by Bosch Rexroth on the control system safe and smooth experience along with fast movements, quieter operation and low heat.

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5. Cirque du Soleil:

The creative live productions of the theatre Cirque du Soleil in Montreal, Canada is popular worldwide for its unique stage experience. This unique stage can be converted from a dry stage to a pool with water. The stage is divided into four sections and it can be raised or lowered independently integrated three hydraulic cylinders for each section. A linear position sensor is included in every hydraulic cylinder and it is controlled by a proportional directional control valve. When the pressurized hydraulic fluid is pumped, then the stages will be lifted to the required height. Also, the valve movement allows the fluid to exit and lower the stage. All these happen in live within minutes.
Hydraulic stages are one among that wonder that mesmerizes the viewers. Previously, hydraulics in theatre stages were limited

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