Top 8 Uses of Hydraulic Press

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Uses of Hydraulic Press

What is a hydraulic press? We can simply state it as a mechanical machine that generates power for compressing metals using hydraulics. In other words, a hydraulic press is a machine that having a flatbed or surface to compress, straighten or to crush a metal piece. Most of the manufacturing industry utilize the benefits of hydraulic presses. Hydraulic presses are also known as Bramah Press because it was invented by Joseph Bramah in 1795.

According to the industrial requirements, a large variety of hydraulic presses are available. Arbor presses(for piercing holes into metals, stamping, marking inscriptions, etc..), laminating presses(for laminating the identity cards, certificates, and even book covers), C-frame presses(for straightening, drawing, and assembling work), pneumatic presses(for assembling, drawing, punching, and vehicles braking system), and H-frame presses(can perform more than one press operation) are some types of hydraulic presses.

A hydraulic press will provide smooth pressing and even pressure on the entire ram. The pressure relief valves embedded in most of the hydraulic presses will control the pressure of the system. A double acting cylinder used in many hydraulic presses can lift a tooling attached ram. A person can easily choose a hydraulic press by considering the size, pressure, and speed.

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Applications of Hydraulic Press

Packing Food and Consumables: The meat and cheese products that arrive in the market as compressed food are packed using hydraulic presses. Powdered products like cocoa beans and most of the pills are manufactured using hydraulic presses. There are hydraulic oil press machines for processing sesame, walnut, peanut, etc.

Making Appliances: Hydraulic presses are commonly used for assembling the parts of refrigerators, and as shaping panels of the microwave, dishwashers, and laundry machines.

Manufacturing Electrical Parts: Hydraulic presses are used to assemble the housings and switches used in switching stations. Also, thermostats(a device used in houses and offices to maintain the temperature to the desired setpoint) are manufactured using this process.

Making Ceramics: Traditional method of making ceramics using heat-kilns that operate at a temperature more than 1800º F can be replaced using hydraulic presses that work at room temperatures. This approach requires low pressure and less time for manufacturing ceramics like cement, bathroom tiles, bricks, etc. Hydraulic presses will compress ceramics into the ceramic form.

Manufacturing Automobile Parts: Hydraulic presses are used for automotive folding and forming applications. Sealing components, vibration control, brake pads, insert molding, floor mats and carpets, truck bed liners, electrical connectors and insulators, fuel delivery parts, etc.. are the vehicle parts manufactured using hydraulic presses.

Building Aircrafts: In the Aerospace industry, hydraulic presses are used for metal forming and machinery fabricating processes. Windshield wiper blades, gear assemblies, airplane body panels and wings are build using hydraulic presses.

Military Applications: Hydraulic shop presses are used in most of the air force base. They are commonly used for loading the shells.

Sword Making: In sword making process, the flat shape is obtained by using the hydraulic press.

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