Why is Fracking Controversial?

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Why is Fracking Controversial

Fracking or hydraulic fracturing is a controversial topic recently. Most of them oppose this technology due to misunderstanding. Most of the misunderstanding relies on the working of the hydraulic fracturing process and the impact on the environment.

Conventional mining technologies like drilling won’t be effective in the future. This is due to the increase in consumption of oil and gases. With the increase in consumption, productivity also needs to increase. Otherwise, the shortage of oil and gases will create several economic issues. There are two solutions: the first one is to decrease consumption and next is to increase productivity. Among this, decreasing consumption won’t provide the desired result. Because most of the industries at present are depending on the oil and gas industry. So, what we can choose is increasing productivity. One of the alternative technique for higher production of oil and gas is hydraulic fracturing.

The US, Canada, China, New Zealand, etc.. are some countries investing in fracking. Due to this public protest, some governments banned this fracking process. But, others offer tax breaks to smooth its arrival. We can discuss more details regarding this topic here.

Why is Fracking Good?

We are living in the 21st century, our requirements and consumptions are increasing day by day. What if there is no oil tomorrow? Most of the industries like automobile, construction, aerospace, transportation, etc.. will face problems. Oil and gases have many applications in our daily life. But, due to the increase in consumption of these oils and gases, the presence is decreasing rapidly. So, existing mining techniques can’t be adapted in the future. In such cases, for recovering unused oils and gases we can choose hydraulic fracking.
What is fracking? The technique that uses high-pressure fluids(a mixture of sand, additives and water) for extracting oils and gases from shale rocks. Check “What is hydraulic fracturing?” for more details related to this topic.
Now, we can discuss the benefits of fracking.

  • As a result of fracking, a large volume of fuel is produced. This will become a reason for reducing oil price.
  • Fracking is a completely safe procedure to fulfil the requirements.
  • Cleaner energy access.
  • Does not affect groundwater.
  • Creates job opportunities.
  • Temporary process

Why is Fracking Bad?

Pollutions, carbon emission, water scarcity, health issues, fear of earthquakes and the emission of ozone and methane to the atmosphere are the major concerns related to fracking. With the advancement in the industry, the experts will find a possible solution to overcome these issues. Already, due to the continuous effort, the carbon emission is reduced to a greater extent. According to several reports from environmental protection commissions, fracking won’t be harmful, if best practices are followed. Also, fracking is a temporary process. The well will work independently after 3 or 4 days operation.

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