Under pressure – Liebherr piston accumulators

Under pressure – Liebherr piston accumulators

Under pressure – Liebherr piston accumulators

Liebherr provides piston accumulators as a valuable addition to its range of hydraulic cylinders. These hydropneumatic accumulators serve the purpose of absorbing and releasing hydrostatic energy in oil-hydraulic systems. Liebherr's piston accumulator series offers versatile applications in both mobile and stationary contexts. To meet specific customer needs, this series is available in pressure ratings of 250 and 350 bar.

Mounting Orientation:

These solutions offer flexibility in integration through the use of soft positioning rings, allowing for both vertical and horizontal installation. This versatility enables the piston accumulators to find applications across various mobile and stationary scenarios. The assembly orientation is assessed on a case-by-case basis.

Oil Connection Options:

Within the standard series, there is a range of oil connection choices conforming to standards such as ISO 6162-2 (SAE connections), ISO 11926-1 (ANSI thread), and fluid connections following ISO 228 specifications. The selection of the connection type is determined by the operational pressure requirements of the piston accumulator.

Gas Connection Options:

Apart from the various gas connection choices available, there is an option to include an additional screw-in thread (G 1/4") for either a VSTI or a bursting plug. Another alternative is the incorporation of a minimum fitting, which allows for pressure and/or temperature measurement.

Position Sensor Integration:

 If desired, the piston accumulators can be optionally equipped with a suitable position transducer, which is installed on the gas side.