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Write a guest post in WHYPS and develop chances of getting recognized in the stream of hydraulics!

Describe your updates related to hydraulics and we’ll get it recognized among the audience in your industry. Product launches, news releases, article publications, training courses, events, institutions, safety courses, learning resources, career opportunities, videos and all those related to your hydraulic based company can be published on WHYPS, for offering a global reach to those content. If you are a blogger, you can also publish your own informative and relevant hydraulic related blogs on WHYPS.

Benefits of guest posting

  • Getting a referral link to your site increases the probability for more people to visit your website.
  • One of the best ways to interlink people in the stream of hydraulics is through digital media.
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  • Plays a key role in brand awareness strategy

Why us for guest Posting?

WHYPS is a global platform for connecting people in the stream of hydraulics worldwide. We make your content to reach the right people in a wider global outreach-.“TARGETED AUDIENCE” -If you like to reach out to a huge audience, then this is the right time and space for you!

WHYPS has thousands of regular visitors and a single posting related to your product/service will be received by our global audience in no time. Submit your articles to us and we’ll get you the attention of the audience.

Guidelines while writing for WHYPS guest post.

1. Should Be Clear & Concise
The article must be clear avoiding clutter. It should be concise and shouldn’t be elaborated using useless content. By maintaining this quality your article will grab the attention of more and more audiences.

2. Create Industry Relevant Topic
Write the content related to hydraulics because WHYPS is mainly focused on hydraulic related topics. We build a way to grab the eyes of the audience upon your article. Your content will be published only after the verification.

3. Content Should Be Informative
The content should be of some information to the audience. It's your content and if it's not interesting then you are losing your brand identity. Always try to write something relevant and informative, which helps to reach out to the perfect audience.

4. Copy Contents Lead To Rejection Without Any Reason
The content copied from elsewhere affects search engine rankings of your company and it will have a negative impact on your online business. Do not submit the posts which have been copied. We will be checking your content for plagiarism and 100% uniqueness.

5.We Accept blog/article Content Containing 750 Words Or Above
We are specific about the subject information given by you, so we expect you to give highly researched and beautifully written blogs/articles which should be approximately 750 words.

6. Brief Content In About 60 Words On Following Topics Will Be Posted In Our Webpage
We invite you to share articles written approximately in 60 words on news, events, educational institutions, online courses, safety courses, books & magazine reviews, career, products, services and recent happenings in the hydraulics industry. Your 60-words content need to include the core information that you want to convey to our audience. For example, the 60-words content for an exhibition must include exhibition name, date, venue, organized by and the industry that it covers. So feel free to write about any of these topics and make your foot firm in the field of hydraulics by connecting to the world of hydraulics through us.

7.Informative videos on your products/services will be accepted for publishing
If you have hydraulic related videos on training, product launch, hydraulic safety, software demo, etc… publish them on Whyps to receive more views and impressions. Share the links of videos published on YouTube or other video sharing platforms and let more industry-related audiences notice you. We doesn’t publish videos containing misinformation, sensitive content, violent and dangerous content, spam and deceptive practices, etc…

8. WHYPS will introduce your online tools(software’s) to professionals and students
WHYPS includes everything that a hydraulic professional or student needs. So, if you have any accurate and perfectly developed online tools(software’s) such as hydraulic calculators, unit converters, designing tools, fitting finder, etc., feel free to share the link/API with us. We will help you to support more professionals/students in their career/studies.

9. Use Topic Related Original Images And Youtube Videos
To make your post more readable, valuable and interesting include high-quality photographs, graphics, and videos and try to include a clear description about the given images and Youtube videos.

10. We Accept Content With Hyperlinks
We will promote your links through your articles. We will be promoting two topic-related links for your well-written blogs/articles. For 60-words contents, we will include one link containing the details of the post that you are sharing. If you like to reach out to a wider audience, then this will be a greater opportunity for you. So stay connected with your articles and writings.

11.Write A Short Bio About You
If you are interested to be a part of this and if you desire to reach out to a wider audience in a short period of time then write a short bio of yours including with the details of Who you are and What you do? What makes you special in this field and so on.