Hydraulic Tools

Hydraulic Tools

Hydraulic Tools

Hydraulic tools are high-powered tools that use pressurized fluid to operate hydraulic machinery. The fluid moves through hydraulic tubes and into the tool’s actuator, where the pressure stored in the fluid is transferred to the machine’s moving parts. Then the fluid is channeled back via a pumping mechanism to be re-pressurized. Hydraulic JackhammersHydraulic tools are strong, portable, and flexible enough for use in a variety of applications. Many hydraulic tools can be hooked up to a hydraulic power unit or connected to the hydraulic system of a larger piece of equipment. Metro Hydraulic distributes and services hydraulic tools for myriad industrial purposes. For over 70 years, our team has assisted customers in finding exactly the right tool for their needs.


Hydraulic power tools are versatile tools that support daily operations in a number of industrial settings. Diverse industries like construction, utility, transportation, and railroads rely on hydraulic tools for building, maintenance, and other routine tasks. Hydraulic tools make these processes more efficient by reducing the amount of time and physical effort workers invest in completing a task. Routine settings for hydraulic tools include:

  • Road and highway construction and maintenance.
  • Creation of barriers and fences.
  • Securing street signs to metal posts
  • Powering construction cranes to facilitate the movement of large, heavy items
  • Tunneling and mining

Industrial operations benefit from hydraulic machinery in numerous ways. Some of the benefits of this equipment include:Construction Hydraulic Tools

  • Hydraulic controls increase accuracy and make operating machinery easier. Levers and push-button controls simplify industrial processes and reduce the chance of human error.
  • Hydraulic machinery allows greater control over force multiplication, allowing technicians to adjust output by a fraction of a pound to several tons.
  • Pressurized fluid systems provide constant torque and force. This effect is not compromised by changes in speed.
  • Simple construction makes hydraulic equipment a safe and economical alternative to other power options.
  • Hydraulic tools offer a higher power density for heavy-duty applications.
  • When other power sources aren’t available, hydraulic machines can be used to provide power to hydraulic tools.

Hydraulic tools decrease downtime and work disruptions. Since these tools are easier to repair and maintain, they spend less time waiting for service. Their naturally rugged design also ensures fewer breakdowns even with prolonged use.