VT Modular

Nominal sizes 18, 25 and 30

VT Modular

Primary Control Valve for Load Sensing Systems with Modular Design

The VT modular series offers manifold valve plates that consist of individual components forming a modular building block system. This unique feature enables the customization of manifold valve plates to precisely meet the requirements of various applications, accommodating anywhere from one to eight actuators.


  • Straightforward setup.
  • Implementing a modular approach to configure valve plates for controlling 1 to 8 actuators.
  • Whether employing hydraulic or electric piloting, the machine's response remains consistent.
  • Rapid accessibility.
  • Supports a flow rate of up to 600 liters per minute per actuator.
  • Minimized warehousing expenses and enhanced serviceability are achieved by utilizing a significant proportion of interchangeable components across diverse manifold valve plate configurations.

Characteristics of the design :

  • Sub-plate mounted valves are offered as directional control valves.