Linde Synchron Control (LSC)

Load sensing directional control valve

Linde Synchron Control (LSC)

LSC, an acronym for Linde Synchron Control, is synonymous with exceptional operational performance characterized by load-independent and responsive machine behavior, delivering swift and direct response.

          The Linde Synchron Control System operates open-loop circuits, translating machine driver commands directly into signals for the actuators. This user-friendly control of all components enhances efficiency and reduces operator fatigue. Simultaneous, load-independent movements and demand-based pump control are prerequisites for achieving fast work cycles while maintaining low operating costs. Besides power regulation and high-pressure relief, optional priority selection ensures the safety and optimal utilization of the machine. Even when synchronizing multiple functions, the priority mode guarantees preferential operation of the primary actuators.


  • Outstanding command over all flow rates
  • Independence from load variations 
  • Accurate metering with precision 
  • Quick dynamic response for efficient work cycles 
  • Efficient energy utilization 
  • Seamless and sensitive operation 
  • Exceptional reliability and extended service life

Characteristics of Design :

  • Spool-designed directional control valves for closed-center load sensing systems.
  • Proportional control options available in hydraulic or electric. 
  • Offered in both monoblock and single-valve designs 
  • Expansion of valve blocks achievable through single valves.
  • Suitable for horizontal or vertical installation. 
  • Valves can be directly mounted onto actuators.
  • SAE high-pressure ports included.
  • NEW: Modular building block system introduced.