GET (Ground Engaging Tools)

GET (Ground Engaging Tools)

GET (Ground Engaging Tools)

Attributes and Advantages :

      1.    Company-designed, with a focus on application suitability, featuring a robust design.

      2.    Exceptional heat treatment, and stringent quality control measures.

      3.    Utilization of high-durability material with enhanced abrasion resistance (HD/XD) for extended longevity.

GD (General Duty) Tooth :

Tailored design optimized for DEVELON GP and the recently introduced General Construction bucket, compatible with 14 to 70 tons of machinery. Ideal for various general construction and utility loading

HD (Heavy Duty) Tooth :

Tailored design to enhance the performance of the Heavy Construction bucket, suitable for machinery in the 14 to 70-ton range. Highly recommended for a wide range of applications, such as excavating, trenching, loading, and medium-density quarry and mining operations.

SD (Severe Duty) Tooth :

Specially engineered design catering to the Severe Mining bucket and the Xtreme Mining bucket, designed for machines in the 22 to 70-ton weight range. Highly recommended for tackling the most challenging quarry and mining operations.

WRM (Wear Resistance Material) Tooth :

Tailored design aimed at enhancing wear resistance for extended longevity in high abrasion applications, compatible with machinery weighing between 14 to 50 tons.